30 Fun Facts About Casino Gambling

Casino Gambling, doesn’t matter was it landed or online casino, is one of the most famous entertainment in the world, it wasn’t just a amazing pastime mechanism, but also possibility to earn money by placing bets on it. Below are some of the fun facts about Casino Gambling:

ah-poker1) At least 65 million people play poker on a regular basis in the U.S.

2) The card games as we know them today, although invented in China took the form of the French. The cards ‘swords’ represented the kings, the “plaid” merchants, the ‘sticks’ and peasants ‘hearts’ the clergy.

nixon3) Former U.S. President Richard Nixon used money he had earned as a sailor in poker during WWII to fund his election campaign in 1946.

4) 87% of those who reside in Las Vegas deal with gambling.

vegas5) 38% of Americans have visited Las Vegas in order to gamble.

6) Poker tournaments through the internet and television have made Texas Hold’Em poker huge worldwide.

7) Blackjack continues to be the most popular game in online casinos and regular casinos.

8) You will see many forms of video poker at a casino, but all of them are based on the classic game.

dice9) In 18th century, an officer had a profession to swallow the dice if the police raid were making.

10) The first machine slot (slot) was constructed in 1899 by Charles Fey, a car mechanic who wanted his customers to have something interesting to do while waiting to get their car repaired.

Lucky777_1SGames11) 68% of those who gamble in Las Vegas, play slots.

12) One of the biggest jackpots in slot machines was in 1998 when a woman in Las Vegas won 27.6 million dollars.

13) The popular Texas Hold’Em poker played for the first time in Robstown, Texas in early 1900.

14) In the 70s the averahe age of people visiting casinos was 35-55. Today, the age range is much larger, from 17-70 year olds.

15) According to surveys, 80% of respondents consider that gambling should be legal.

16) You are not allowed to use cell phones in landbased casinos however with online casinos things are different.

FoxwoodsGalleryPhoto17) The largest casino in the world is located in Connecticut, USA and it’called Foxwoods Casino.”

18) The “slot” accept bets of up to one minute for $ 500 on each spin! Certainly the stakes are high in so-called halls “High Roller” to “big” customers, so probably will not find these machines ever.

19) Italian and French people still argue about who invented blackjack.

20) The original name of blackjack was ” Vingt-et-un” (twenty one).

21) A sailor in the ’50s had 27 consecutive wins in Las Vegas playing craps. The probability of this happening is 1 in 12,467,890.

22) Bingo started in Italy in 1530.

23) Roulette is the oldest casino game.

Great-Wall-of-China24) The Great Wall of China was built to a large proportion from cash derived from Keno.

25) Bingo comes from an older game, Beano and was created by accident by a player who is anonymous.

26) 70% of players who gamble a lot of money on baccarat in Las Vegas are Asian

27) Keno was invented in China between 205 and 187 BC.

feature6928) The youngest player to win the World Series of Poker was 24 years old.

29) The potential for Royal Flush in poker is 1 in 649,740.

30) More than 70 million cards are sold each year around the world

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