Barclays Premier League 2014-2015 – Week 7

After the exciting weekdays matches for UEFA Champion League and also Europa League, now everyone will be back for their own local leagues, and its Seventh Week of Barclays Premier League or English Premier League, lets look on the below for the fixtures for this week.


  • Chelsea will be facing a tough opponent, Arsenal in hoping to build further lead ahead on the top of the table. This will be the most anticipated match this weekend especially when both team having a great form after winning their respective matches at Champion League few days ago.
  • Manchester United will be facing Everton without their Captain, Wayne Rooney (Red Card) hoping to build more momentum to catch up to a safer possible to be able to qualify for next year UEFA Champion League
  • While Liverpool need to recover from his recent bad performance against West Brom, they are falling behind in the table standings
  • Aston Villa vs Manchester City, another great match to watch as both team hoping to stay in the top teams in the table, while of course Manchester City as the defending champion are racing to the top of the table.
  • Southampton, not often we see this team in any highlight news, but they are 2 point in front of Manchester City which currently on the 3rd spot, winning against Tottenham which ensure their 2nd position for at least one more week.

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