Barclays Premier League – Gameweek 13 Matches

It’s almost the end of the year 2014, you know what that means, it’s time for another Barclays Premier League matches galore, nightmares for the English football teams and players, but it’s one of the most exciting period for football fans, not just it determine who will be the half season champion, but usually it means also who will be the highest possible team to win this season’s champion.


Let’s start with the last weekend matches in November 2014 for this season’s Barclays Premier League, if you see this match list few seasons ago, you might be saying that there are no exciting matches, we knew who will win. But I dare you won’t able to say it this season, With only Chelsea as the most consistent team out in English Club, traditional strong team are still struggling, with only 2 points separate 4th and 10th place. One win or lose match can mean a lot. But the most anticipated match i think should goes to the fight of second place, between Southampton and Manchester City. Winner will be walking back in 2nd place and keep up the pace in chasing Chelsea, while loser not just be further behind from the leader, also will be getting a lot pressure from the lower teams which eagerly wanted their place. Let’s have a look on the full list of fixtures as below


Also some of the early odds from some of the matches



Continue following for the latest odds and live scores for all the football matches

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