Barclays Premier League – Gameweek 9 Matches

Another busy week for football fans, with nearly no rest after the UEFA Champion League Round 3, let’s go onward with the next one, the Barclays Premier League or English Premier League, gameweek 9. Firstly of course, let’s look at the list of matches for this weekend:



The most exciting matches this round of course will be non other than Manchester United vs Chelsea at Old Trafford, but with the recently form, Chelsea look to have an upper edge of extending their league on the table by claiming 3 points at Manchester United home ground. Although without Diego Coasta, Chelsea attacking force are still looking strong when they win 6-0 against Maribor few days ago. While Manchester United still looking weak on the defensive line when draw with West Brom 2-2 last week.

Well, expected no changes from the top 3 position this week, while position 4 to 15 with need to fight hard to maintenance their position on the top part of the league when they are only separated with 4 points max.


Anyway, here is some early peek on the odds of some of the matches this weekend

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