Best Cities to Gamble In

Gambling is very like getting robbed fancifully, where the robbers are smartly dressed and the victims voluntarily put their money forward. While robbery is forcefully done, gambling, however, is a choice. For gambling enthusiasts, below is a compilation of some of the world’s best cities to gamble in.

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Monte Carlo, Monaco

In Monte Carlo, it is all about being glamorous and living the good life. It has had years of reputations being known as a destination for the rich and famous. Although it is illegal for the locals to gamble, foreign tourists are more than welcome to place a bet or two. Grand and luxurious, this place after all, operates on Euros.


Las Vegas, US

With no introduction needed, the casinos in the middle of the Nevada desert are open for business 24/7. Las Vegas is where the world is, with gamblers from all around the world and replicas of famous landmarks gracing its streets – from Eiffel Tower to the Statue of Liberty. With more than hundreds of casino built on this land, it’s a gambling haven for both beginners and professionals alike.


San Jose, Costa Rica

The country is small but building more casinos is not a problem. With more than 30 existing casinos already operating, San Jose attracts American tourists who wish to spend less, yet get the same high as they would in Vegas. For instance, gamblers get free drinks with every $1 spent in their local currencies.

Macau, China

Another place which needs no introduction, Macau is the place to go for one of the best gambling experiences. Flashing bright lights, endless glam, and a city full of Elvis impersonators, this gambling Mecca has got million dollar jackpots just waiting for the rightful winner. It is also very popular among the men for the nightlife it provides, and the entire atmosphere has contributed to a comprehensive gambling, “James Bond” sort of experience. Oh, and by the way, Macau has surpassed Vegas in terms of the number of gambling visitors per year.

Atlantic City, US

Though it lives in the shadow of Las Vegas, Atlantic City is remains as one of the top gambling cities in the world. Its crowd consists of mainly gamblers from the East Coast of the United States who couldn’t gain access to Vegas, but people from every corner of a world is a fan of this city thanks to its world class casinos.

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