Extra Winnings On Slot Games With Bonus Rounds

Being a scrooge and a pious bargain hunter when the situation calls for it often pays off. Practice it religiously enough and you’ll know in a heartbeat whenever someone’s trying to pull a fast one on you. You can now rejoice and take a breather, for being a part of S188.com means you can let your guard down and actually start truly enjoying the wonderful benefits and/or bonuses we have in store for you! Aside from fun times, addictive gameplay styles and truly engaging slot machine themes, S188.com is also proud to offer all its elite casino members the opportunity to play slot games with bonus rounds!



We know that while an overflowing choice of games can be an advantage, sometimes, it can also be a disadvantage in that you sometimes find yourself having to sift through too many slot machine games to get to what you want. We understand that the process can be overwhelming and that is why in today’s post, we’ve decided to highlight one of our many classic slot games with bonus rounds for your convenience — Cleopatra Treasure!

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 Call on Lady Luck, plan your bets right, and you could be easily spinning your way to extra cash winnings with Cleopatra Treasure! Once you’ve unlocked that golden opportunity and bonus round to increase your profits, you’ll be faced with exciting challenge in a guessing game. Think you’ve got what it takes to claim what’s yours? Channel your sixth sense and proceed to guess which of the 3 jars contains the biggest winnings. Good luck!