Famous Casino Winners in the World

This article is about famous casino winners from around the world.

Not every gambler has the same intention when they walk into a casino or when they play on an online casino. Some might just be betting casually, other might be improving their gambling skills in hope of participating in professional tournaments. Whatever the case might be, each and every one of the gamblers share a similar goal – to win as much money as possible. While some of us are still struggling to win in a few basic games of poker, there are a few players who have walked the hall of fame and made the impossible possible. The following list unveils some of the best (and very lucky) gamblers from around the world who made a fortune solely from gambling.


Gloria McKenzie

McKenzie became the biggest single winner of the Powerball Lottery in the United States in May 2013. The 84-year-old grandmother from Florida won $590 million, beating the odds of 1 in 175 million after buying the ticket at a local supermarket after the person queuing in front of her let her go first.


Gonazol Garcia-Pelayo

The Spanish record producer has a passion for mathematics and roulette. In the 1990s, he was determined to prove that not all casino roulette wheels were random and that some of them favored certain numbers over the rest. Although this wasn’t exactly the first time that the concept of biasness in games was introduced, Garcia-Pelayo, however, has proven himself to be luckier than other gamblers. He started off in Spain, where his children and him observed the roulette wheels for hours and recorded the results of hundreds and thousands of spins. Gonazol subsequently analyzed the results to see which wheels came with a bias. He then betted according to the bias, winning the money he knew he would, and moving from one wheel to the other. However, he finally got caught and he resorted to employing his tactics in Las Vegas. Gonazol was sued but was not charged as the court ruled that he had not done anything that was illegal. Since then, casinos have installed processes in order to prevent any biased wheel.


Ashley Revell

Brit Ashley Revell was completely broke in 2004. You can guess what follows. He sold every single thing which he had owned, and took every penny he had to a casino in Las Vegas. He placed his entire life savings of $135,000 on a single bet on red. Surrounded by audiences, he watched as the wheel spun and ball finally settled on a Red 7. The profit he had made might not be as high as other luckier ones, but it is the courage he had that has made him who he is today. Revell then used the money he has made to set up an online poker room.

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