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Playtech secures long-term partnership with Dynamic Yield


23 October 2014
Online gaming software giant and also the world’s largest online gaming software and services supplier, Playtech has entered into a long-term partnership with automated real-time personalisation and optimisation solution Dynamic Yield. Continue reading

4 Tips on Choosing the Best Online Gambling Site

If games with superheroes and manic fruit aren’t your thing, you can always stick to tried and tested favorites like blackjack and roulette. If your tastes are more wide ranging, you can spend time spinning reels populated with Egyptian princesses, or trying to hit a feature bonus with a slightly deranged squirrel. Some of the most famous slots in Atlantic City might be more to your liking; that’s online now, too.

Live Casino Malaysia

S188 Casino

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Virginia Man Won $1 million using $20 in one hand of Three Card Poker

Virginia man turns $20 into $1 million playing one hand of Three Card Poker 6 Card Bonus at Bally’s Atlantic City


ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — (PRESS RELEASE) — Caesars Atlantic City has announced that Wednesday at 3:23pm its Three Card Poker 6 Card Bonus hit at Bally’s for $1,000,000. Continue reading

Joseph Jagger – The Man Who Broke the Bank in Monte Carlo

In the 30 Interesting Facts About Roulette, we mentioned about Joseph Jagger – The Man Who Broke the Bank in Monte Carlo, after some research online, I manage to found more detail about this Roulette Legend who his name lives until now.


Born the village of Shelf near Halifax, England in September of 1830, Joseph Hobson Jagger (also referred to as “Jaggers”) got his practical education in mechanics while working in the cotton mills of Yorkshire as a young man. He made engineering his specialty and enjoyed studying various mechanisms, not the least of which was the roulette wheel.

Jagger’s research led him to belief that the results of each roulette spin might not be the result of purely random sequences. Instead, mechanical imbalances in the wheel might produce biases and, if so, that could lead to predictable outcomes. It was certainly a theory worth testing, even though any legitimate roulette maker would claim that such a theory would be largely untrue.

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30 Interesting Facts About Roulette

Yesterday we talk about 30 Fun Facts About Casino Gambling, now let’s go a bit specific, this time it’s about 30 Interesting Facts About Roulette, this might not be all the interesting facts about roulette, but those which i can find, if you have any which not listed here do leave a comment here 🙂

1. The name ‘roulette’ derives from ‘little wheel’. It’s often called the King of Casino Games on account of its strong connections with Monte Carlo.


2. Another name for roulette is ‘The Devil’s Game’. That’s partly because all of the numbers on the wheel add up to 666. Continue reading

30 Fun Facts About Casino Gambling

Casino Gambling, doesn’t matter was it landed or online casino, is one of the most famous entertainment in the world, it wasn’t just a amazing pastime mechanism, but also possibility to earn money by placing bets on it. Below are some of the fun facts about Casino Gambling:

ah-poker1) At least 65 million people play poker on a regular basis in the U.S.

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Online Champions share live tournament experience through blog

The second of two winners of Caribbean Poker Tour satellites hosted Intertops Poker and Juicy Stakes Poker says no matter how good you are, luck is always a factor in winning a poker tournament.



Simon “Sim79” from Quebec, Canada won the final Caribbean Poker Tour satellite tournament hosted by the two popular poker rooms. He and an earlier online tournament winner won $2700 prize packages that will take them to an all-inclusive luxury resort in St Maarten to compete in the Caribbean Poker Tour Main Event.

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