Go All-In On S188 With World Series Of Poker 2014

The popular casino game of poker is often associated with high stakes, lucky streaks, and big winnings. Anyone that’s even just the slightest bit familiar with the world of an online vegas casino should be able to confidently tell you that poker is an integral part of a casino’s offerings. Yet sometimes, love for the game doesn’t necessarily translate to skills and prowess at poker. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from and capitalize on another skilled poker player’s luck, especially when you’re betting with S188.com on Sportsbook. The recent qualifying rounds of World Series of Poker 2014 has weeded out the amateur poker players from the professionals and come this November, the true master of poker will be unveiled during the main event!


World Series Of Poker 2014

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• Jorryt Van Hoof
• Mark Newhouse
• Dan Sindelar
• William Pappaconstantinou
• Bruno Politano
• Felix Stephensen
• Andoni Larrabe
• Martin Jacobson
• William Tonking