Learn To Play Blackjack Online For Money

Raking in the big bucks doesn’t have to be particularly tedious or difficult, especially when you’re aiming to score big on a live online casino. Learn to play blackjack online for money in just a short time and enjoy the excitement of real cash wins from this simple casino card game! Available in two of S188.com‘s suites — the Royal Suite and the Vegas Suite — you can enjoy this classic casino game with the online presence of gorgeous live dealers! The basic rule of Blackjack is simple to master and if you are able to successfully adhere to it, you will definitely walk away from the casino table a whole lot richer.


Read on to learn how you can play blackjack online for money!


In the casino card game of Blackjack, the winning number that unlocks big riches and real cash wins is the number 21. Additionally, learning when to hit, stand down, double down, and splitting pairs are methods that will help you minimize losses and pave the path to success. It is important to remember that when you play blackjack online for money, patience and perseverance are necessary for reaping rewards.


A game starts off with all players (including the dealer) being dealt two cards each. Numbered cards (2 to 10) are worth the displayed face value; pictured cards (Joker, King & Queen) are worth 10 each; Aces are worth either 1 or 11. The winning player is the one who draws cards totaling a figure closest to 21 and that is the primary objective of this basic yet fun casino card game.


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