First E-Sports Betting in Malaysia

The first e-sports betting in Malaysia is now available!

E-sports is a term used for organized video gaming competitions which are participated by teams or individual players. Competitions that are held are highly combative and aggressive which include prominent video games such as StarCraft 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike, World of Tanks, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Quake and many more. proud to be the first to bring this new and exciting form of gambling to you in Malaysia.

Good news to all e-sports gamblers because we have just launched the latest e-sports betting in the market with the best odds for the players. Sportsbooks provided by have always been the top pick by cybersport fans as they are now able to place their bets effortlessly all from the comfort of their own homes. Players can now benefit from this real money e-sports betting as WinningFT is the first in Malaysia to operate in the local currency of Ringgit Malaysia (RM).

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SBO Sport – Latest Sportsbook Addition to S188

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SBO Sport

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Chinese New Year Casino Promotion

chinese new year casino promotion has the perfect Chinese New Year casino promotion just for you.

The Chinese New Year celebration is one of the most auspicious and joyful festival, and this year, lets you welcome the year of the Goat with double the prosperity and happiness! To mark the start of the Lunar New Year, proudly presents the Double Prosperity, Double Happiness promotion in order to help you kick start the celebration with a bang.

The promotion will run throughout the entire course of the 15-day celebration. Winners will be selected among players with the highest turnover in the following order:


Top 3 – RM2388 or iPhone 6

Next 8 – RM888 bonus

Next 30 – RM188 bonus

Next 188 – RM38 bonus

For more information and for full terms and conditions, please visit promotion page.

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Psychology of Casino Architectures

The psychology of casino architectures is an interesting topic to discuss. As we all know, the interior architectures of a casino and its design is always very fascinating and it takes a lot of details and attention to make it perfect. On the surface, we may find casinos very fascinating and attractive but there is so much more than that. The interior of a casino is built with intense attention on the psychological effects that it has on the gamblers. It does not only play a role in luring players into the casino, but it is also to keep them and retain them in the casino for as long as they could once players have walked into the casino. The following are some of the tricks being applied on casinos:

Walls without Windows

Casinos are built with minimal or no windows at all, creating some sort of a cave-ish environment. This structure is made this way in order to prevent players from distinguishing between day and night. It is a very easy tactic and design that will prevent the players from feeling that it is getting late, or that they need to rush somewhere. Completed with the absence of clocks, casinos are stripped away from every possible measures of time.

Playing the Impulse

While waiting in a queue in the supermarket, you will be tempted to grab a snack, be it a bar of chocolate or a box of candies which are all placed along the aisle. This method which aims to tempt and lure you into buying something more than you actually needed is a tactic, and the items are known as impulse items – and it works every time! Instead of placing items, casinos place their washrooms and pantry/restaurants in the most unlikely corners and places so players have to walk past rows after rows of attractive and fun games in order to get there. On the way, they might get enticed to stop and play.

Labyrinthine Design

If you find the layout of a casino confusing, it is only because it was intentionally made that way. Learning your way around the place might take hours. With every extra corner and turn in the casino, the more distracted the players will get. With every extra corner and turn, an extra game can be introduced to the player. Talk about opportunists.

Luxury and Glamor

Newer casinos place heavy emphasis on luxurious design rather than superstitious beliefs in order to cater to the rich and famous. Instead of creating a windowless casino, architects are saying that windows will add a luxury touch to casinos and will make their players feel much more comfortable and happy playing in them. New age casinos focus on using natural lighting, where white and soft green are high popular. Ceilings are also made high, so players do not feel crowded.

History of Online Gambling

The history of online gambling is diverse. According to researches, it is said the humans have shown interest in gambling long before casinos are invented. Although it is highly common for certain people to regard gambling as an immoral act, it is a known fact that people are always looking for ways to gamble in hopes of earning more money in return. The mid-90s is when the love for gambling has been eased and simplified. Back then, the internet users was growing rapidly and opportunists saw the advantage and started bringing gambling online. Then, players worldwide were able to experience online gambling in the comfort of their own homes all thanks to the development in technology. With online casinos, players no longer need to dress up and prepare themselves in order to head to the casino to play their favorite casino games.

How Online Gambling Started

A small Caribbean nation known as Antigua and Baruda had started the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act of 1994. This in turn gave them the power to give out licenses to entrepreneurs who wish to start their own online casino businesses. This has set the gambling revolution that we see today. It is tricky to track back to the first online casino because the details are insufficient and information is vague. However, according to the University of North Carolina, the first known online casino was established in 1995 with only 18 games to offer. As opposed to that, there are also reports that said Microgaming had the first online casino in 1994. Whatever the case is, the drastic growth of online casinos took place in 1997 and there were more than 200 online gambling websites by the end of that year. In 1998, a research done by Frost & Sullivan has confirmed that more than $800 million revenue was made in that particular year.

The Future of Online Gambling

Online gambling is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. However, it is often disrupted by legal challenges in many countries where gambling is considered illegal. This does not stop online gambling to continue growing on a global scale. With the help of more advanced smart phones, internet as well as virtual reality technology, online gambling will continue to revolutionize in the coming years.

Best Casino Games to Win Money

What are the best casino games to win money? Playing online casino is probably one of the most beneficial and useful hobby anyone could have. It ensures that people do not waste their time away doing useless and unfruitful things that is time consuming and takes effort. Playing online casino games can ensure that players are able to get a return from the time and money invested. With a little help from luck, players are able to make the most out of online gambling.

When it comes to online gambling, it is good to know that there are certain games which can help in the growth of your bankroll. Which real money casino game can help? Read on to find out.

Always pay attention to the payouts of the games. Keep in mind that the higher pay will not necessarily signifies that it will be the quickest in helping you make money. On the other hand, higher payouts indicates that the winning possibilities have been raised higher, which explains why you get to earn more if you manage to win the game.

In order to win real money, you need to bet with real money. People rarely win jackpot and cash out using free chips. Free chips are always being given out with clear conditions – players must spend money in order to make money. According to researches being carried out in the recent years, it is said that there are indeed a few games that are doubtlessly more advantageous for the players rather than the house. These games are Blackjack and Craps. The tactics to playing these games are skills and interactions. With the right focus and sufficient practice, players can easily walk home with enough profit to spend.

In addition to that, online slot is also considered as one of the games which can help to build up bankroll. The trick to doing this is to choose slot machines which only give out mid-level payouts, as this will give you better odds of winning rather than those with bigger jackpots.

Now that you know the secret to winning, play now at and see if these tricks are for real!

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Online Poker Bot ‘Cepheus’ Has Its Flaws

Online poker is undoubtedly the most preferred game in any online casino, and scientists are creating programs to beat it.

Christopher Hall, a prominent freelance poker writer has taken the decision to analyze Cepheus, the latest sensational online poker bot or a poker-playing computer program that is claimed to be capable of playing an almost perfect poker game. How? By playing 400 hands against Cepheus.

This computer program is developed by scientists from the University of Alberta. However, there are conditions to it: (1) The game has to be played between two players only; (2) Betting amount is fixed. These two conditions are obviously benefiting the computer – keeping things simple and as straight forward as possible for it. However, Christopher Hall claimed that the bot comes with a limitation, which is its inability to adapt against his change of style. According to him, it is important to find the opponents’ flaws and exploit them until they are cornered and forced to change their style in order to compensate, as this is the fastest and the smartest way to win without relying too heavily on neither the cards nor luck.

Hall also shared a trick – If the opponent is passive, raise and bluff more. However if they are aggressive, be passive instead and allow the opponent to bluff.

The Cepheus, he said, is very aggressive and any bluff attempted by him failed agonizingly against this program. Hall then started to play more aggressively and stopped bluffing, but Cepheus could not adapt to his way of playing and was reluctant to give up any hand in a large pot. This resulted in the ease of getting more value from moderately weak hands.

So, who (or what) is ruling the online poker games now? Man or machine? Whatever it is, you will put your own poker skills to test, and you can do it right here on S188.

Chinese Gambling Superstitions and Beliefs

Looking for a guide to Chinese gambling superstitions? You are at the right place.

Chinese are some of the most superstitious people in the world. They have their own set of beliefs and behaviors that have been passed on for generations. Although more and more Chinese people have discontinued such beliefs, these superstitions still play an important role in their lives, and even gamblers from different ethnicity.

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What to Do When Gambling

  • Players should always have something red on them. It could be underwear, shirt, pants, etc
  • Players who are on a losing streak are advised to visit the toilet for a change of luck
  • Players should leave the lights in their houses on before they go out to gamble
  • Stay in hotel rooms with “lucky” room numbers as such: 8, 13, 18, 168, 198 or 798
  • Chinese believe that casino allocated baby ghosts beneath each table in the casino, and these baby ghosts must be fed with candies in order to prevent them from taking your luck away
  • For players playing either Blackjack or Baccarat, shout ‘Deng’ before seeing the cards
  • Make an offering to the Gods before going to a casino
  • Pray a day before a lottery draw
  • For players that have won a lottery draw, make an offering or pray to the gods and thank them
  • The winning numbers to the lottery draw can be any significant numbers that you come across in your daily life, be it vehicle plates or birth date

What to Avoid When Gambling

  • Do not count your money when you are at the casino, regardless if it is the money you won or lost
  • Never say the word book or shoes in Cantonese as they are synonymous to ‘lose’
  • Try not to gamble after you have seen a monk or a nun
  • Do not touch, rub, or pat another person’s shoulder when you are at the casino
  • Do not have sex before gambling
  • Do not enter a casino using its main entrance
  • Do not check into a hotel with room numbers like 4 or 14 as they are considered unlucky
  • Do not attempt to win from the offset as this means more money will be lost in the long run

Useful Gambling Tips – Gambling Do’s and Don’ts

Read about the most useful gambling tips here!

It is said that any gambling activity is a physiological trap. However, it is only a trap if you have no self-control and you let it to be. Those who have the experience and skills at gambling will know the overwhelming and exciting feeling of every win in gambling. However, playing without control will result in a defeating and upsetting feeling of losing. Gambling is all about luck, so you could do well keeping your emotions constant and try not to be over-emotional while at the table.

Good Gambling Tips

Always take a break from gambling. Keep in mind that there isn’t any window or clock in casinos for a reason only, and it is to encourage you to keep playing to the casino’s benefits. The less the players think about time, the more they spend on the tables. This exposes the players to a bigger chance of overall loses. Of course, unless, the player is a professional and he is aware of his every move and bet. Taking a break does not only reduce turnover and losses, it also allows you to refresh your mind and body especially from games which require plenty of calculating and strategizing like Blackjack. It also allows you to keep your emotions under control before you lose your cool in either a winning or losing streak. Playing while being heavily emotional can negatively affect the outcome of your gamble.

Always play on a fixed budget. Before you walk into a casino, always determine first the limits, and how much you can afford to lose. Do not attempt to get back your losses once you have reached your limit, because this is how people become bankrupt. You don’t want to end up borrowing money from loansharks to settle your bills. If you know that you have problem trying to play within your limit, then leave your credit card at home and bring only the amount of money that you can afford to lose. However, people with such difficulties should not even gamble at all.

Find a table with an appropriate limit. Table limit should be proportionate to the amount of time you have to spare at a casino. Do not find a table with a minimum limit of $50 if you are planning to spend the entire night at the casino. Find a table with the lowest limit possible, even if you have to wait for an empty seat because this is the only way that you are able to play without ending up over-spending in the event that you lose.

Keep track of the betting results. Try to keep a written record of your returns or losses for each session of your gamble. This record can show you the winning or losing pattern, which in turn tells you if the strategy that you are using (if any) is effective, or if you are lucky at that table. Do not rely on memory for important information as such.

Accept your losses with an open mind. If you have the courage to gamble in a casino, then have the courage to admit defeat if you lost. Remember that every gambler is more likely to lose when they try to win their losses back. So let it go, and make it a lesson for you to gamble more cautiously the next time!