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If you have a discerning eye, you might have noticed that we’ve migrated our blog, but even if you noticed nothing new until we brought it up, you wouldn’t be at fault because that is half of what we were aiming for — a brand new S188 blog that retains all the previous content so as to make this latest update seamless. A smooth and uninterrupted online casino gaming experience is just part of the minimum standards we have implemented and strive to uphold.


Here on the new S188 blog, you will find a more aesthetically pleasing and highly functional site that is both informative and entertaining. We believe information is power and we know that to nurture a great relationship, communication requires a personal touch. We love sharing our passion for online casino games with you. What better avenue to share our latest finds and the latest S188 casino buzz with you than on the brand new S188 blog? Even if we start small, it’s exciting for us because we’d like to think of it as something similar to a secret and exclusive book club that not just anyone can be a part of! 😉


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