How to Win at Blackjack

Wondering how to win at blackjack? You are at the right place.

While most of the outcome of playing casino games is mostly ruled by luck and the individual’s fortune on that particular day, blackjack, however, is a game that is highly influenced by the player itself. It all comes down to the player’s very own skills and experience at the game once he is at the table. When playing at online casinos, the live dealers are nothing more than just a robot, or a person who is facilitating the game. They follow the rules to dealing, and have no influence at all on how the game or the outcome would turn out to be. Listed below are three useful strategies on how players can approach a blackjack game:

Paroli System

Always play a blackjack game using money management systems. Players need to know exactly when they should call a card and when to stand, irrespective of the dealer’s cards. Hence, an effective money management system like the Paroli system can help to seamlessly set the profit and loss limits, as well as to act as a reminder to the players when is the right time to quit.

D’Alembert System

Always use a strategy when playing a game of blackjack, no matter how basic they seem to be. Follow the rules and always consider what cards the dealers have in hand in order to determine whether you should call a card or to stand. The D’Alembert system can help to determine when and how to set an appropriate profit and loss, as well as when to quit.

Card Counting

This is an approach that is obviously not allowed at casinos. This technique is not easy to do, and casinos definitely would not like it when they see you doing it. However, if the player insists on playing using this method, it is best to consult the experts first. The best way to go about doing this is to purchase a book or two (hopefully they are on sale) that can teach you a trick or two, instantly.

Online Poker Tips and Strategies

Looking for the best online poker tips and strategies? You are at the right place.

With all the difficult economic situations that we have to face recently, more and more people are trying the very best to look for new sources of income just to get by. With proper researches and preparations, people are starting to be creative, and some have resorted to online poker games. This may sound too far-fetched and unrealistic to many, but it works. Although playing online poker does not necessary guarantee a massive return, people who are dedicated and knowledgeable can easily obtain success in the game of poker. As for new players, control the amount wagered to avoid the risks of losing too much money on impulse. Online gambling should only be treated as an investment opportunity which comes with a healthy risk.

Some good websites offer free registration, as well as added bonuses and incentives for new players. While older websites are more experienced, players should have no qualms trying out the newer and latest ones because they are more innovative and they have fresher ideas. Online gambling websites require users to provide their personal information. Do not worry as this is a standard operation procedure for almost every commercial gaming site. However, keep in mind that you should only provide your details if you find the website safe and trustworthy. Also, if you are looking to improve your poker skills and play with good poker players, search for more challenging casino online which can offer you such training.

Poker could be a form of art, or even a form of science. Regardless of that, poker requires dedicated researches and studies. An intermediate or advanced player will soon find out that poker requires mathematical knowledge too.

Barclays Premier League – Gameweek 17 Matches

It’s almost half a season for Barclays Premier League, now reaches the round or gameweek 17. Something excited about this week’s matches are surely the match on Liverpool vs Arsenal. It is very important for both team as Arsenal needs to keep up the momentum in order to grab the good position to qualify for next year’s UEFA Champion League, while Liverpool currently in their worst position of Number 11 on the table, need to bounce back very soon.


Meanwhile for the League leader, Chelsea, need to stop losing point to avoid Manchester City from catching up, now they are only 3 points ahead before this weekend match starts.



As usual, some of the early odds from some of the matches epl-odds

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Top Playtech Games – Slots

Looking for the top Playtech Games? You are at the right place.

Playtech is the world’s biggest creator and supplier of online casino games, besides being a major supplier for land-based slots. Playtech is undoubtedly the most professional and experienced online game provider in the world. Its collection of slots is comprised of both conventional reel based slots and the new highly-graphical ones, which have singing and dancing together with attractive graphics and interactive animations. Since Playtech slots are constantly being associated with land-based gaming venues, it certainly has the highest standards in providing certified fair and quality games. Due to its vast experience and high collaboration with prominent global companies, Playtech is now the provider of slots with interesting themes, bonus rounds, and attractive features – all which are unique only to Playtech.

Below is the top 5 best Playtech slots:

The Incredible Hulk

Being Marvel’s most popular standalone character, the incredible Hulk is a star in the online slot arena. Due to its popularity, it appeals to not just slot fans, but all Marvel comic books fans too. The Hulk is powerful and wild, and always looking to make his presence felt. He breaks through the back of reels to turn them wild, fitting the multiple winning lines.

greedy-goblins-ss1-5357b74d70a0f8e40d8b5d80Greedy Goblins

This addictive slot game has a unique bonus feature for a fully rounded slot. It is perfected with high quality graphics and sounds effects that will keep you entertained for hours.

Iron-Man-2-Slot-Machine-Screen-400x300Iron Man 2

The first version of Iron Man slot was famous among the players, as well as the official first addition of the Marvel range to Playtech product. Since then, the game became immensely popular up to this very day. Iron Man 2 focuses on the movie line, using photorealistic symbols to represent the characters.

sushi-bar-screenshot2Sushi Bar

A high payout percentage and regular winning spins – this combination keeps players attracted and interested for hours!


With no introduction needed, X-Men remains as one of the best slots in the Marvel range. Players will get to see for themselves the many different characteristics and manners of both the heroes and villains from the reels, with free and unlimited spins on the Heroes mode.

UEFA Champion League – Group Stage Last Round – Results & Standings

Finally, this season’s UEFA Champion League Group stage is over!! With Real Madrid among those 8 past winners involve in the last 16. The draw of Round of 16 will be held on Monday, 15th December, there will be 2 seeding pots, one consisting of group winners and the other of runners-up. Seeded group winners will be away in the round of 16 first legs on 17/18 and 24/25 February and at home in the return matches on 10/11 and 17/18 March.

Group winners: Club Atlético de Madrid (ESP), Real Madrid CF (ESP, holders), AS Monaco FC (FRA), Borussia Dortmund (GER), FC Bayern München (GER), FC Barcelona (ESP), Chelsea FC (ENG), FC Porto (POR)

Group runners-up: Juventus (ITA), FC Basel 1893 (SUI), Bayer 04 Leverkusen (GER), Arsenal FC (ENG), Manchester City FC (GER), Paris Saint-Germain FC (FRA), FC Schalke 04 (GER), FC Shakhtar Donetsk (UKR)



ucl-result2 ucl-results

ucl-a ucl-b

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UEFA Champion League – Group Stage Last Round

With 11 teams already qualified to the Round of 16 of the UEFA Campion League this season, tonight’s last round of group stage will determine the last 5 slots to qualify. 1 spot each for Group A, B, C, E and G.



Matches to watch of course includes Liverpool vs Basel, as Liverpool must get all 3 points or will be eliminated, whereas Basel might need just need a draw as very unlikely Ludogorets will be able to catch up. There is be a great crash between Roma vs Man City and Bayern Munich vs Moscow, with Bayern already confirm on the top of the group, other 3 team must win their respective match to hope for changes to qualify to the round of 16. Besides that PSG vs Barcelona, although it doesn’t affect both team which already qualified, they are fighting for the top spot on group F, also matches with Messi and Ibrahimnovic on each side will surely be a match to watch no matter what’s the occasion was. ucl1 ucl2

Let’s have a sneak peak of the current odds of some of the matches as below:


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Barclays Premier League – Gameweek 15 Results & Standings

Barclays Premier League round 15, we saw quite a few of upset this week, the biggest one should be Chelsea lost to Newcastle and ended their unbeaten run of the season, this lost also made the league title open with only 3 points ahead of Manchester City who just barely won against Everton 1-0.

An exciting match also happened in the Britannia Stadium where 3 goals in the first half enable Stoke to win 3-2 against Arsenal. At the same day, Liverpool and Tottenham also couldn’t get the full 3 points after goalless draw against Sunderland and Crystal Palace.

Lastly on Monday night, 4th consecutive league wins and a double from Van Persie enable Manchester United to rose to 3rd place of the league after beating Southampton 2-1. Southampton in the other hand dropped to 5th place after that.

epl-result epl-table

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How to Bet On the Super Bowl Online

Hoping to place a bet on the Super Bowl online? Let us guide you through. There are many quality websites that will take your bets and let you be a part of the game. Below are the guides for those who wish to bet on the super bowl online.


Pick a Reputable and Trusted Sportsbook

The first step to any kind of online betting would be to pick a reliable online sportsbook. Since your own money is involved in betting, it is even more important that you keep a distance from improper establishments, and go for the ones that you can trust instead. The website that would be highly recommended in Malaysia and other countries in Southeast Asia would be the one which has an extensive range of betting odds and multiple wager types in the industry.

Payment Method

The easiest and most recommended payment method would be through the use of any credit card – it’s almost like shopping online. This method is usually fee-free unless an exchange rate is applied. The procedures are fairly simple and each step is usually clearly written on the website payment tab. Also read through the terms and conditions to identify any catch. At the end of the process, you are required to verify your card through an SMS (standard procedure of online transactions) if you are using a credit card.

Limits of Bets

The gist of it all – betting. With all the money ready in your account, all that you need to do is pick the game of choice, place your bets, and pray hard that luck is coming your way. Bet only what you can afford to lose. Do not bet on impulse and end up maxing out on your credit card – that is really the last thing that you want to do.

Winning Collections

Here is where the hassles come in – fees and lengthy procedures. During withdrawal, there is usually a set minimum amount as well as fees if you exceed certain amount. Processing time might also slow you down. Depositing is always easier than withdrawing.

Best online casino bonus

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Barclays Premier League – Gameweek 15 Matches

Another Barclays Premier League weekends incoming, now it had reached the 15th round. If base on the performance on the weekday few days ago, it is expected to have not much surprises incoming. Chelsea are looking to keep their 6 points lead when they faced Newcastle in the first match on the weekend, and hope Everton will help them hold off Manchester City in the last day of Saturday so that they can extend their lead further. Arsenal and Liverpool are hoping to maintain the momentum when they face again Stoke and Sunderland.


While match to watch this weekend will only happen on next Monday where Southampton will face Manchester United for the spot of 3rd position on the standings. Southampton will hope to end their 2 straight lose in order to stop Manchester Unitebpl

As usual, some of the early odds from some of the matches


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