Psychology of Casino Architectures

The psychology of casino architectures is an interesting topic to discuss. As we all know, the interior architectures of a casino and its design is always very fascinating and it takes a lot of details and attention to make it perfect. On the surface, we may find casinos very fascinating and attractive but there is so much more than that. The interior of a casino is built with intense attention on the psychological effects that it has on the gamblers. It does not only play a role in luring players into the casino, but it is also to keep them and retain them in the casino for as long as they could once players have walked into the casino. The following are some of the tricks being applied on casinos:


Walls without Windows

Casinos are built with minimal or no windows at all, creating some sort of a cave-ish environment. This structure is made this way in order to prevent players from distinguishing between day and night. It is a very easy tactic and design that will prevent the players from feeling that it is getting late, or that they need to rush somewhere. Completed with the absence of clocks, casinos are stripped away from every possible measures of time.

Playing the Impulse

While waiting in a queue in the supermarket, you will be tempted to grab a snack, be it a bar of chocolate or a box of candies which are all placed along the aisle. This method which aims to tempt and lure you into buying something more than you actually needed is a tactic, and the items are known as impulse items – and it works every time! Instead of placing items, casinos place their washrooms and pantry/restaurants in the most unlikely corners and places so players have to walk past rows after rows of attractive and fun games in order to get there. On the way, they might get enticed to stop and play.

Labyrinthine Design

If you find the layout of a casino confusing, it is only because it was intentionally made that way. Learning your way around the place might take hours. With every extra corner and turn in the casino, the more distracted the players will get. With every extra corner and turn, an extra game can be introduced to the player. Talk about opportunists.

Luxury and Glamour

Newer casinos place heavy emphasis on luxurious design rather than superstitious beliefs in order to cater to the rich and famous. Instead of creating a windowless casino, architects are saying that windows will add a luxury touch to casinos and will make their players feel much more comfortable and happy playing in them. New age casinos focus on using natural lighting, where white and soft green are high popular. Ceilings are also made high, so players do not feel crowded.

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