Sic Bo Strategy: Low-risk Steady Sic Bo

Any Sic Bo strategy might prove to be tricky. Is luck the only element involved or are skills needed in this game too? Read more to find out.

Low-risk and steady gamblers should always use bets with the smallest edge. Best edges in Sic Bo (2.78%) found in Small, Big and Combination bets. This strategy is perfect for beginners or for anyone who wishes to minimize their losses while getting the hang of the game.


Small and Big

The small and big bets are the most proximate to the Evens chances, making them ideal for the gambling system. The 1-3-2-4 system should be used, and the Paroli and 1-3-2-6 systems can also be considered. Using this strategy, players should place bets on either small or big for a fixed number of rolls. Judge if the results are alternate or consecutive, and then bet accordingly.


The combination bet is the betting of any two specific numbers which has a very low house edge (2.77%) but it is often overlooked. The odds against winning is 6 to 1 (meaning players can expect to win once in every 7 bets) and the payout is also 6 to 1. To play, set aside 15 betting units and place the combination bets and try to win two to three times. If this is done before the 15th bet is up, stop playing and leave with your winnings.

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