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Barclays Premier League – Gameweek 11 Matches

Barclays Premier League week 11 will be commence on this weekend, with Liverpool vs Chelsea, these 2 team faced each other in one of the most iconic matches last season with the infamous Steven Gerrard slips which loses them not only the match, but the Premier League title as well. Now Liverpool and Gerrard  are looking for a revenge, but it will be a tough challenge ahead with strong performance by Chelsea this season, anyway it will be one of the most anticipated matches this season.

Let’s have a look on the rest of the matches which will be happening on this weekend.



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Barclays Premier League – Gameweek 10 Matches

Yes!! it’s another week for Barclays Premier League or English Premier League, this week will be the Manchester Darby, Manchester City vs Manchester United, will City bounce back after the lose in Capital Cup vs Newcastle? Will United hold on with so many player in injured list. Anyway it seem will be an exciting games ahead. Also will Newscastle able to do another upset? This time versus Liverpool.


European Qualifiers – MatchDay 2

There will be no local football league matches for this weekend, instead, European Qualifier for Euro 2016 will be ongoing and some International Friendly matches for the rest of the globes. Including the exciting match between Brazil vs Argentina in Beijing China.

Strong teams are expecting to win their matches on this round without much problem as most of their opponents aren’t very high ranked. Let’s see who can make any upsets on this round. It would be exciting if there is any.


Below are the list of matches which will be commence on this weekend.

UEFA Champion League – Group Stage Second Round

UEFA Champion League is back!! We are in the Second Round, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Chelsea are looking in a very strong form in the past 2 weeks but Barcelona will be travelling to Paris to face PSG, expect a good match from them.


Other matches to watch are Sporting vs Chelsea, Man City vs Roma and Atletico vs Juventus.

And will Arsenal and Liverpool bounce back from the recent bad performance?

Anyway below is the full match list for this round.