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World Cup 2014 Highlights – Netherlands 0-0 Argentina

Taking place a day after the catastrophe that was Brazil’s humiliating downfall on home grounds in a semi-final match against Germany, spectators worldwide were unsure of what to expect from the clash between the Dutch and Argentinians. Strangely enough, just as the Brazil-Germany match was on the extreme end of exciting and sensational, the Netherlands-Argentina match was somewhat boring and uneventful. For much of the match, it seemed as if players on both sides were somewhat hesitant to take on an aggressive stance to lay claim to a goal. Some experts surmised that both teams had taken a lesson from the Brazil-Germany match — Brazil had tried going on the offensive but ended up leaving themselves exposed to a thrashing — and so held back to play it safe. Both teams eventually played out a 120-minute match without scoring any goals.



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World Cup 2014 Prediction: Netherlands vs. Argentina

As the world is reeling from the spectacularly disappointing (and utterly shocking) performance of Brazil as they were hung out to dry at the hands of the German team, football fans all over the world are bracing themselves for the next semi-finals match that will determine which team will go on to compete against Germany in the World Cup 2014 finals. Both equally strong teams in their own right and each with a solid reputation to boast of, Netherlands’ Oranje and the Argentinians will match wits and athleticism on the football field in less than 12 hours to determine who the better team is.



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World Cup 2014 Highlights – Brazil 1-7 Germany

There is probably not a single World Cup season that is without shocking results, amazing performances and unexpected twists. Well, World Cup 2014 is no exception. In case you missed the match earlier today that took place between Brazil and Germany, what we can tell you in a nutshell is that you missed out on one of the most spectacular and outstanding matches for a long time, depending on who you were rooting for. The Germans handed hosts Brazil a thrashing on the football field with a 7-1 victory to more than safely sail on through to the final stages of this World Cup season. Hosts Brazil, on the other hand, are reeling from a terrible and embarrassing loss on home grounds that has broken the hearts of the Brazilian nation. With only a single consolation goal achieved at the last minute, this loss marks the first time Brazil has lost a competitive international match on home grounds in 39 years. For most football fans who have been following the World Cup matches closely, it wasn’t so much Brazil’s loss that was the surprise as just how brutally the World Cup 2014 hosts were defeated by their European opponents, as both were evaluated to be somewhat on par in terms of skill and strength.



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World Cup 2014 Prediction: Brazil vs. Germany

Brazil-Germany-WC2014World Cup 2014 Prediction: Brazil vs. Germany

In a sensational twist during Brazil’s last outing on the football field against the Colombians, the odds in their favour seem to have been greatly overturned — Brazil’s star player, Neymar, was horribly injured with a fractured vertebrae which saw him being stretchered off the field while team captain Thiago Silva summarily got suspended from participating in the semi-finals match against Germany after being issued a yellow card. For a team with a record and reputation to maintain, things seem to be going quite badly for hosts Brazil. The pressure is doubled and mounting as well due to the fact that the Brazilians are scheduled to meet with the formidable German team next.

The Germans have done quite well for themselves thus far this World Cup season, although not extraordinarily so. With exception of their match against Portugal, the Germans could be said to have just scraped by with draws/ties and close wins. By applying the right amount of pressure and mounting a strong enough attack, they might be able to take advantage of Brazil’s badly timed misfortunes to book themselves a place in the finals.

Brazil, however, is by no means handicapped or stunted as the team is not short of talented players who are more than capable of contributing to their team’s glory. If the players’ natural football flairs and talents are combined with the right strategies, we believe the Brazil has about as much fighting chance as they would have has if Neymar had not been out of commission. Yet oftentimes, a team’s performance can be greatly affected by morale and Brazilians can only hope that the ill fates of Neymar and Silva have not put the rest of the team in a negative funk. Still, the home ground advantage might just come in handy and be the motivating factor for Brazil to give it their all and fight their way through their disadvantages.

Our prediction: Brazil wins 2-1 or 1-0

World Cup 2014 Prediction: Argentina vs. Belgium


World Cup 2014 Prediction: Argentina vs. Belgium

Both Argentina & Belgium have racked up an impressive winning streak thus far with both sides successfully winning every match they’ve played and without even drawing against their opponents. We can only wait in anticipation and excitement as both these teams are set to meet on competitive grounds as we know that only one team can go home victorious!

We believe that both teams are generally well matched in terms of strength and skill but that the Argentinians do have their work cut out for them if they are looking to guarantee their progress to the semi-finals as their victories thus far have been narrow ones whilst the Belgians will surely raise the stakes by applying more pressure. This is evident from Argentina’s last performance where they struggled to break through Switzerland’s defenses to strike home the goals they needed despite controlling much of the flow of the game and only managed to score their winning goal during extra time.

With the right combination of attack and defense strategies, Argentina could level the playing field and relatively raise their chances to knock out their European opponents. The Belgians, on the other hand, look dead set on continuing their World Cup 2014 run this season and are most certainly not ready to head home anytime soon so we are pretty confident that an intense match lies ahead between these two European football nations.

Our prediction: Belgium beats Argentina 2-0 or 2-1

World Cup 2014 Quarter-Finals

The World Cup season is heating up and fans from all over the world are riveted, watching, and cheering for the favourite (or next favourite) teams in the World Cup 2014 quarter-finals! In case you’ve been busy and missed out on the news, we’ve got the list of qualifying countries who will be competing in the World Cup 2014 Quarter-Finals for the 4 available spots in the semi-finals.


FIFAWorldCup2014 (4)

Cheer for your favourite team in the World Cup 2014 Quarter-Finals!

World Cup 2014 Highlights – USA 0-1 Germany

Despite the poor weather and torrential rains that bombarded Recife, where USA was scheduled to play against Germany, the match took place without any major hitches. Germany had the advantage by gaining control over much of the game and with the winning goal by Thomas Mueller, the Germans ended the match with victory on their side. Germany applied much pressure against team USA and despite prior speculations that Germany might play a more docile game in order to allow a draw, it seemed that the German team was all out to prove themselves worthy on the field. Despite Germany achieving this well deserved win over USA, both teams are the top 2 positions of their group’s standing and will be advancing to the Round of 16 of World Cup 2014.


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World Cup 2014 Highlights – Portugal 2-1 Ghana

Portugal took on Ghana early this morning and even though they gave it their all and ended the match with victory in their hands, Portugal wasn’t able to overcome its negative goal difference to qualify for the Round of 16. Finishing third in the group’s standing, Portugal finished its run of the World Cup 2014 season with four points while Ghana was placed at the bottom of the group table with just 1 point.



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World Cup 2014 Highlights – Australia 2-3 Netherlands

Another gripping and exciting World Cup match that took place was the one between Australia’s Socceroos and Netherlands’ Oranje. The Socceroos came amazingly close to defeating their Dutch opponents but even though they lost out this time around, the Australian footballers pulled pretty impressive moves that will surely go down as one of the most memorable in the World Cup 2014 season.


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World Cup 2014 Highlights – Spain 0-2 Chile

If you’re a proper citizen of the world, you would have most surely tuned into at least one of the few World Cup matches that have captured the attention of the world this past week or so. present the match highlights of the latest World Cup match that is on everyone’s mind — Spain vs. Chile.



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