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Barclays Premier League – Gameweek 17 Matches

It’s almost half a season for Barclays Premier League, now reaches the round or gameweek 17. Something excited about this week’s matches are surely the match on Liverpool vs Arsenal. It is very important for both team as Arsenal needs to keep up the momentum in order to grab the good position to qualify for next year’s UEFA Champion League, while Liverpool currently in their worst position of Number 11 on the table, need to bounce back very soon.


Meanwhile for the League leader, Chelsea, need to stop losing point to avoid Manchester City from catching up, now they are only 3 points ahead before this weekend match starts.



As usual, some of the early odds from some of the matches epl-odds

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UEFA Champion League – Group Stage Last Round – Results & Standings

Finally, this season’s UEFA Champion League Group stage is over!! With Real Madrid among those 8 past winners involve in the last 16. The draw of Round of 16 will be held on Monday, 15th December, there will be 2 seeding pots, one consisting of group winners and the other of runners-up. Seeded group winners will be away in the round of 16 first legs on 17/18 and 24/25 February and at home in the return matches on 10/11 and 17/18 March.

Group winners: Club Atlético de Madrid (ESP), Real Madrid CF (ESP, holders), AS Monaco FC (FRA), Borussia Dortmund (GER), FC Bayern München (GER), FC Barcelona (ESP), Chelsea FC (ENG), FC Porto (POR)

Group runners-up: Juventus (ITA), FC Basel 1893 (SUI), Bayer 04 Leverkusen (GER), Arsenal FC (ENG), Manchester City FC (GER), Paris Saint-Germain FC (FRA), FC Schalke 04 (GER), FC Shakhtar Donetsk (UKR)



ucl-result2 ucl-results

ucl-a ucl-b

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UEFA Champion League – Group Stage Last Round

With 11 teams already qualified to the Round of 16 of the UEFA Campion League this season, tonight’s last round of group stage will determine the last 5 slots to qualify. 1 spot each for Group A, B, C, E and G.



Matches to watch of course includes Liverpool vs Basel, as Liverpool must get all 3 points or will be eliminated, whereas Basel might need just need a draw as very unlikely Ludogorets will be able to catch up. There is be a great crash between Roma vs Man City and Bayern Munich vs Moscow, with Bayern already confirm on the top of the group, other 3 team must win their respective match to hope for changes to qualify to the round of 16. Besides that PSG vs Barcelona, although it doesn’t affect both team which already qualified, they are fighting for the top spot on group F, also matches with Messi and Ibrahimnovic on each side will surely be a match to watch no matter what’s the occasion was. ucl1 ucl2

Let’s have a sneak peak of the current odds of some of the matches as below:


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Barclays Premier League – Gameweek 15 Results & Standings

Barclays Premier League round 15, we saw quite a few of upset this week, the biggest one should be Chelsea lost to Newcastle and ended their unbeaten run of the season, this lost also made the league title open with only 3 points ahead of Manchester City who just barely won against Everton 1-0.

An exciting match also happened in the Britannia Stadium where 3 goals in the first half enable Stoke to win 3-2 against Arsenal. At the same day, Liverpool and Tottenham also couldn’t get the full 3 points after goalless draw against Sunderland and Crystal Palace.

Lastly on Monday night, 4th consecutive league wins and a double from Van Persie enable Manchester United to rose to 3rd place of the league after beating Southampton 2-1. Southampton in the other hand dropped to 5th place after that.

epl-result epl-table

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Barclays Premier League – Gameweek 15 Matches

Another Barclays Premier League weekends incoming, now it had reached the 15th round. If base on the performance on the weekday few days ago, it is expected to have not much surprises incoming. Chelsea are looking to keep their 6 points lead when they faced Newcastle in the first match on the weekend, and hope Everton will help them hold off Manchester City in the last day of Saturday so that they can extend their lead further. Arsenal and Liverpool are hoping to maintain the momentum when they face again Stoke and Sunderland.


While match to watch this weekend will only happen on next Monday where Southampton will face Manchester United for the spot of 3rd position on the standings. Southampton will hope to end their 2 straight lose in order to stop Manchester Unitebpl

As usual, some of the early odds from some of the matches


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Barclays Premier League – Gameweek 14 Results & Standings

Barclays Premier League gameweek 14 finally see the traditional top 5 finally back on winning form, with Manchester United win against Stoke 2-1, Liverpool win Leicester 3-1, Manchester City win Sunderland 4-1, Chelsea win Spurs 3-0 and Arsenal wins against Southampton 1-0.

With this round over, Chelsea stay 6 points ahead of Manchester City who are looking very strong, while the 3rd place Southampton facing the danger of dropping in ranks again when they faced the current 4th position Manchester United with only 1 point advantage. Anything still can happen this month

epl-result epl-table

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How to Choose an Online Sportsbook

There are ample of online sportsbook available out there, hence making this the most asked question today – How to choose an online sportsbook?


Not every gambling site is reliable, so researches have to be carried out before you place your hard-earned money to bet. There are many factors to consider when picking the best sportsbook that you should be looking closely into, in order to make the most out of your money. Below is the list of factors:

Credibility and Reputation

Does the sportsbook have a reputation to pay on time? Sportsbook like S188 has a great payment history and you should be looking out for websites similar to this, rather than to take the risk and invest in websites that do not pay you on time, or worse, do not pay at all. Do not be easily swayed by the attractive bonuses, because none of that matters if you do not get your money.

Banking Ease and Options

How easy it is to withdraw your money when you win? Is the process lengthy and tedious? How long does it take before you can get your hands on the money? It is best to read through the terms and conditions as well as the banking options that are available before depositing.

Bonuses and Promotions

The bonuses being offered should be looked into when you are choosing a sportsbook. While comparing sites, choose the one which offers a bonus best suited for you. The most common way to measure is to see the amount of free credit given, and the wagering requirement.

Multiple Outs

It is highly advisable that you have more than one sportsbook in order for you to compare and get only the best value out of them. Being able to compare the betting odds of two or more websites will contribute to you winning in the long haul.

Always do your homework prior to making your final decision. This way, no one will ever go wrong. Just keep in mind to never invest in a newly established site and always read about the reviews first. Do not get easily hooked to the attractive bonuses and examine if there is a catch underneath it all.

Barclays Premier League – Gameweek 14 Matches

The excitement never stops at Barclays Premier League, let the second out of three round of matches in ten days  starts tonight. It’s the last month of 2014 and also best opportunity to grab as much points as possible. Match to watch of course will be the still struggling Arsenal vs Southampton. Will Arsenal manage to get the important 3 points? Southampton surely not hoping to lose anymore points after crushing defeats from the 10-man Manchester City few days ago, they need it greatly to hold onto their third position on the table.


Below are the full list of fixtures for this midweek Barclays Premier League matches. It seem all other matches are as important as Arsenal vs Southampton, Chelsea are preventing Manchester City from catching up while 1 win or lose can alter the standings so much every team will take very serious approach towards it.



As usual, some of the early odds from some of the matchesepl-odds

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Barclays Premier League – Gameweek 13 Results & Standings

Before the upcoming back-to-back matches tomorrow, let’s have a look on the result and the latest standings which just ended yesterday on Barclays Premier League. Sunderland shows us that it’s not impossible to stop Chelsea from scoring, it may not be pretty but they successfully force Chelsea to a goalless draw at the Stadium of Light, although still unbeaten, Chelsea are now only 6 points ahead of the defending champion Manchester City who crushed Southampton and grabbed the second place on the table. With the lose, Southampton not only dropped to the third place, but are only ahead of Manchester United by 4 points with tough matches coming up for them during the whole December. Overall the standings are still a mess with anything still possible to happen during the last month of 2014. 1 win might bring you to the position of qualify for next year’s Champion League, and 1 lose might caused you in relegation zone. This is how exciting the most famous football league in the world, the Barclays Premier League

Below are the full result of the matches from last weekend and the latest standings after 13 matches. Tomorrow, the heats will continue.

epl-results-13 epl-table-13

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Barclays Premier League – Gameweek 13 Matches

It’s almost the end of the year 2014, you know what that means, it’s time for another Barclays Premier League matches galore, nightmares for the English football teams and players, but it’s one of the most exciting period for football fans, not just it determine who will be the half season champion, but usually it means also who will be the highest possible team to win this season’s champion.


Let’s start with the last weekend matches in November 2014 for this season’s Barclays Premier League, if you see this match list few seasons ago, you might be saying that there are no exciting matches, we knew who will win. But I dare you won’t able to say it this season, With only Chelsea as the most consistent team out in English Club, traditional strong team are still struggling, with only 2 points separate 4th and 10th place. One win or lose match can mean a lot. But the most anticipated match i think should goes to the fight of second place, between Southampton and Manchester City. Winner will be walking back in 2nd place and keep up the pace in chasing Chelsea, while loser not just be further behind from the leader, also will be getting a lot pressure from the lower teams which eagerly wanted their place. Let’s have a look on the full list of fixtures as below


Also some of the early odds from some of the matches



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