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If winning at guessing games has always been your hidden forte, then you could be missing out on a mind-blowing casino jackpot online on S188.com! Get your cut and fair share of the Mafia’s coffers with Gangsters’ Loot, an electrifying guessing game that will keep you on your toes! This intriguing arcade game from our exclusive Emperor Suite will pit your wits and sixth sense against the cunning of Mafia gangsters in an arcade game of chance. If you’re the epitome of a model citizen and have always held on firmly to the belief that good will always prevail over the unlawful, then bravely raise the stakes and grab your opportunity to be rewarded handsomely in return… if you are as lucky as you believe.



Take a chance and in each round of Gangsters’ Loot, guess how many of the 5 briefcases contain the moolah. Strategize and plan your wagers in this game that artfully combines cunning and chance to keep you constantly guessing (but only until the big reveal, of course).


GangstersLoot2_EmperorSuite GangstersLoot3_EmperorSuite

If Lady Luck is on your side (and if the mafioso are generous), you could just find yourself landing a huge casino jackpot online!