World Cup 2014 Highlights – Australia 2-3 Netherlands

Another gripping and exciting World Cup match that took place was the one between Australia’s Socceroos and Netherlands’ Oranje. The Socceroos came amazingly close to defeating their Dutch opponents but even though they lost out this time around, the Australian footballers pulled pretty impressive moves that will surely go down as one of the most memorable in the World Cup 2014 season.


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Everybody loves a good story about the rise of an underdog and while the outcome of the match between Australia and Netherlands wasn’t exactly a Hollywood tale of the underdog unexpectedly taking home the prize, Australia still did not fail in wowing football fans around the world. The Oranje’s Arjen Robben may have netted the first goal for Netherlands but what happened next is the true shocker and iconic of any sports comeback — Socceroo Tim Cahill responded in kind in less than 60 seconds with a goal to level the playing field for Australia!


Even though Australia didn’t succeed in knocking Netherlands out of the running for the World Cup 2014 championship title, the Socceroos from Down Under certainly gave the Dutchmen a run for their money and the match results were still pretty close. To us, what this means is simply that we can probably expect greater things from the upcoming matches during this World Cup season. Don’t forget to make your best expert soccer predictions and place your winning bets on Sportsbook!