World Cup 2014 Highlights – Brazil 0-3 Netherlands

After being booed off the football field in a humiliating fashion following a 7-1 loss to Germany in the semi-final stages, Brazil can almost be forgiven for being down in the doldrums and sporting a gaping hole where morale should be. We say ‘almost’ because the fact remains that the Brazilian team had, by some cruel twist of fate, the World Cup 2014 hosts had failed their country and local fans by allowing the Germans to completely decimate them on the pitch. Reeling from that devastating loss, Brazil was hoping to cling on to the last shreds of their reputation by settling for third place as some form of consolation but that would require having to penetrate Dutch defenses and fending off their opponent’s strong offensives.



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This time around, despite a slight improvement in Brazil’s overall performance, the hosts were nonetheless still careless in their defense and the match started in an unfavourable manner for Brazil. Thanks to a penalty scored by Dutchman Van Persie in just the third minute of the match, the hosts were put on edge as there seemed to be the promise of a repeat of the disastrous Germany-Brazil match. As expected, the match didn’t go so well for the Brazilians as team Oranje took over from the Germans and continued to dash the hopes of Brazilian fans to secure their 3-0 win. However, the Brazilians never had much hope or expectation anyway to recover from the stunning 7-1 defeat; some fans were merely hoping that there wouldn’t be a re-enactment of the tragedy when they took on the Dutch.