World Cup 2014 Highlights – Brazil 1-7 Germany

There is probably not a single World Cup season that is without shocking results, amazing performances and unexpected twists. Well, World Cup 2014 is no exception. In case you missed the match earlier today that took place between Brazil and Germany, what we can tell you in a nutshell is that you missed out on one of the most spectacular and outstanding matches for a long time, depending on who you were rooting for. The Germans handed hosts Brazil a thrashing on the football field with a 7-1 victory to more than safely sail on through to the final stages of this World Cup season. Hosts Brazil, on the other hand, are reeling from a terrible and embarrassing loss on home grounds that has broken the hearts of the Brazilian nation. With only a single consolation goal achieved at the last minute, this loss marks the first time Brazil has lost a competitive international match on home grounds in 39 years. For most football fans who have been following the World Cup matches closely, it wasn’t so much Brazil’s loss that was the surprise as just how brutally the World Cup 2014 hosts were defeated by their European opponents, as both were evaluated to be somewhat on par in terms of skill and strength.



No World Cup season is ever complete without at least one heroic underdog story and one football catastrophe. Read all about the latest World Cup 2014 Highlights – Brazil 1-7 Germany here on!


By the time the half-time whistle was blown, Brazil was left behind in the dust and trailing with Germany leading 5-0. Brazil’s loss has been chalked down to the absence of the team’s star player, Neymar, who has been decommissioned due to a fractured vertebrae sustained in the team’s last match against Colombia. Also noticeably absent from this semi-final match was Brazilian team captain Thiago Silva due to a disciplinary suspension also issued in the same match against Colombia. Despite being deprived of two of its key players, soccer analyses and predictions surmised that Brazil still had the chance to pull through as the team didn’t exactly have a shortage of talented players. The downfall this time has been blamed on Brazil’s coach Luiz Felipe Scolari, who has been accused of sidelining other players that could well have been put to good use in the match and instead, continued to rely only on the strengths of one or two key players, which is akin to putting one’s few and favourite good eggs into a single basket. If anything bad were to happen to that basket, which did, the rest of the team would be playing at a great disadvantage. Despite the catastrophically humiliating loss and having to suffer through his team being booed off the field by live audiences in the stadium, coach Luiz Felipe Scolari has reportedly refused to resign from his post, citing instead that that the team had done what they thought were their best but that life goes on.