World Cup 2014 Highlights – Germany 1-0 Argentina

The moment the world had been waiting for had finally arrived — the 3rd time football greats Germany and Argentina were to compete in the World Cup finals — and what a glorious match it was. While some might complain that the match was a tad bit dull due to the lack of goals being scored, they may not realize that that was simply proof of how well matched both teams were. An intense 90 minutes played out without either side laying claim to a goal but that is not to say that there weren’t any eventful occurrences on the field, much of them mishaps.



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Midway through the first half of the match, Argentinian Gonzalo Higuain powered home a goal, prompting celebration amongst his teammates and fans in the stadium but mere seconds later, that joy was shattered when the goal was disallowed as Higuain was ruled offside. Despite that missed opportunity, many more beautiful scoring opportunities opened up for Argentina but regrettably, they failed to take advantage.

On the way to overtime, the match saw German keeper Manuel Neuer clashing with Higuain as both reached for the ball, which ended with Neuer unintentionally kneeing his opponent in the face. Down the line, more injuries ensued as Bastian Schweinsteiger sustained a deep cut under his eye that had to be stitched up before resuming play.

Despite the tense undercurrents experienced by players on both sides, this World Cup 2014 finals match was also a celebration of football greats such as Miroslav Klose, who was replaced by substitute Mario Gotze in a strategical move by German Joachim Loew at the 88th minute. Football fans in the stadium and worldwide paid tribute to Klose as he walked off the field from his last World Cup match with a hefty 16 World Cup goals scored across 4 tournaments — a record that surpasses even that of Brazil’s legendary Ronaldo.

Perhaps Loew will be hailed for having had the foresight to sub in Mario Gotze as the match went into extra time and seemed to be headed for a penalty shootout when Gotze took advantage of an opening in Argentina’s defense to deliver a smooth and clean goal that would be the only one of the match, just 7 minutes shy of the end of extra time.

The Argentinians and their fans, who had pinned their hopes on the talented Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi, were clearly disappointed and devastated at having to settle for being the World Cup 2014 runner-up but their loss was by no means an indicator of them being a team that was less superior. Anyone who has watched the match can testify of how well matched both teams were on various levels and aspects; the match could have gone either way for both teams.

Aside from this being match being the third time that Germany and Argentina have met in a World Cup final, Germany’s victory marks the first time the European nation has won the World Cup in 24 years since the country’s reunification of East Germany and West Germany.