World Cup 2014 Highlights – Portugal 2-1 Ghana

Portugal took on Ghana early this morning and even though they gave it their all and ended the match with victory in their hands, Portugal wasn’t able to overcome its negative goal difference to qualify for the Round of 16. Finishing third in the group’s standing, Portugal finished its run of the World Cup 2014 season with four points while Ghana was placed at the bottom of the group table with just 1 point.



Find out if Cristiano Ronaldo and his home team, Portugal will be making into the Round of 16 elimination rounds with‘s World Cup 2014 Highlights – Portugal 2-1 Ghana!


The match started off with Ghana unwittingly giving away the lead to Portugal with an own goal thanks to a blunder by John Boye. This is known to be Boye’s second blunder of the tournament, with the first being the one where he allowed USA’s Clint Dempsey to race around him to score a goal. Fortunately, Ghana forward Asamoah Gyan helped his team equalize at the 57th minute and subsequently placed Ghana’s hopes back on track. This World Cup match was also watched in anticipation and anxiety by fans of USA as a win by Ghana would mean that the USA team’s hopes would be crushed. However, Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo helped to put those fears to rest by scoring the winning goal at the 80th minute. That goal would also turn out to be Ronaldo’s only goal scored for this World Cup season.


Germany and USA from Group G will go on to compete in the knockout stage, the Round of 16 whilst the campaign trail for both Portugal and Ghana ends here.