World Cup 2014 Prediction: Brazil vs. Netherlands

Even as the Brazilians (both the players and fans) attempt to recover from the devastating failure that was their 7-1 loss in the semi-finals against Germany, fans still watch and wait anxiously to see if the Brazilian team is able to get back up on its last legs to at least snag the 3rd place ranking in this World Cup. More honestly, the world has the hosts in their sight to see if there might be a repeat of their epic blunder, especially when faced with a surprisingly solid and consistent team such as the Netherlands.



Want to know what thinks about the upcoming match? We’ll let you in on our thoughts and analysis with our World Cup 2014 Prediction: Brazil vs. Netherlands!


This time around, Thiago Silva will be back to re-assume his leadership role as Brazil’s team captain, a role that he was noticeably absent from in the last match due to a suspension. However, key player Neymar will still be unable to contribute his talents in the match against the Dutch thanks to his injury and many are still jittery about what that means for the team as Brazil’s downfall occurred in the first match that Neymar was excluded from. In the event that Brazil replicates the blunder that took place in their last match, it would serve to prove that Neymar has indeed been the player carrying the team this World Cup season.

Despite being denied the chance for advancement to the final match, the Dutch team have certainly gained the respect of soccer fans worldwide and fellow footballers for consistently good performances this season. Team Oranje certainly did their best to live up to their potential and for having made it as far as they have this season, the team has certainly done well for themselves. Unfortunately, their dreams for raising the World Cup will have to be put on hold for another 4 years as they take on hosts Brazil to decide the 3rd and 4th places. Glory for Europe now lies in the hands of Germany, who will collide with Argentina on the way to claiming the coveted championship title.

As Brazil’s last display completely caught everyone off guard and threw us all for a loop, it is somewhat hard to accurately determine the factors that led to Brazil’s downfall. Even if the host’s humiliating performance could be blamed on a combination Neymar and Silva’s absence with depleted team morale, another issue to be concerned with is whether the Brazilians are able to recover from their extraordinarily humiliating 7-1 loss to Germany.


Our prediction: Netherlands wins 2-1.