World Cup 2014 Prediction: Netherlands vs. Argentina

As the world is reeling from the spectacularly disappointing (and utterly shocking) performance of Brazil as they were hung out to dry at the hands of the German team, football fans all over the world are bracing themselves for the next semi-finals match that will determine which team will go on to compete against Germany in the World Cup 2014 finals. Both equally strong teams in their own right and each with a solid reputation to boast of, Netherlands’ Oranje and the Argentinians will match wits and athleticism on the football field in less than 12 hours to determine who the better team is.



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Argentina, home country of the wildly talented and popular Lionel Messi, has gotten by thus far this World Cup season, but not amazingly so. Stocked and armed with strong players, we believe that Argentina could definitely do a lot better and are eager to see the team fully rise to the occasion with their full talents on display. We dare to say this because Argentina’s results from its previous matches revealed somewhat lackluster results — their victories are always close ones where they have but only a small lead to help them get by. Now that they’ve reached this stage in the tournament, the team will definitely need to look into stepping up their game in order to leave nothing to chance — taking things for granted now will most certainly be a waste as they are just a step away from qualifying for the finals!


Team Netherlands, unsurprisingly, has shown top form since the beginning of the tournament season with consistent performances that also serve to show potential opponents just what lie in store for them — great teamwork amongst Dutch players who are well-conditioned. Despite not being able to boast of having a Ballon d’Or winner in the form of Lionel Messi as part of their team, the Dutch have had no issues in proving the world just how much they deserve to be in the finals.


Our prediction: Netherlands wins 1-0 or 2-1.