World Cup 2014 Quarter-Finals

The World Cup season is heating up and fans from all over the world are riveted, watching, and cheering for the favourite (or next favourite) teams in the World Cup 2014 quarter-finals! In case you’ve been busy and missed out on the news, we’ve got the list of qualifying countries who will be competing in the World Cup 2014 Quarter-Finals for the 4 available spots in the semi-finals.


FIFAWorldCup2014 (4)

Cheer for your favourite team in the World Cup 2014 Quarter-Finals!

Countries in the World Cup 2014 Quarter-Finals
• France
• Germany
• Brazil
• Colombia
• Argentina
• Belgium
• Netherlands
• Costa Rica

Now that the top 8 teams contending for the title of World Cup champion have been narrowed down, predicting the victor has just gotten a tad bit easier. Don’t forget to participate in a spot of World Cup 2014 betting and secure your chances to win some awesome cash profits at Sportsbook!